Mobile Refrigeration

Space saving VIP’s, for Payload Optimisation in Transportation



With an increased demand for chilled goods or products delivered to the home or store, efficient and space saving systems for keeping perishable goods at constant temperatures are needed. The thermal efficiencies of our Vacuum Insulation Panels, along with their reduced size, are perfect for increasing cost benefits for chilled food shipments.

Thinner wall thickness allows for smaller volumetric sizes that lead to reduced system weights, saving on overall freight costs and increasing the duration performance giving extreme resistance to high excursions of ambient temperature in challenging environments.

The importance of carbon reduction, and the environmental impact of cooling goods during shipping are increasing. Refrigerated transportation has limited space and utilising this space more effectively can be a direct correlation to energy savings.

With the increasing demands for mobile refrigeration and greater efficiencies needed in last mile delivery options, the need for payload optimisation, fuel reduction and along with the need for time delivery pressures in the e-retail market is becoming more vital.

We can reduce your Carbon impact in refrigerated transport along with increasing payload size and reducing fuel consumption therefore reducing overall transportation costs and environmental impact.