Transportation Refrigeration

Refrigerated transportation has limited space and a direct correlation to energy savings. Typical insulation in a reefer truck is two inches of polyurethane which has an R-value of 12. Utilizing our 1/4” VIP could effectively double the truck’s insulation performance.


As fuel prices continue to escalate, the cost of cooling goods during shipping become greater. The cooling unit on a typical reefer trailer will consume approximately 2000 gallons of diesel fuel annually. The use of VIPs can reduce that consumption to as low as 750 gallons or a savings of nearly $4000 at today's diesel fuel prices.

The chart below indicates the fuel savings effect of adding VIPs to different sections of a reefer trailer

Roll up Doors

Thermal resistance of a roll-up door is only ~1/2 that of an equivalent thickness PU wall because of thermal bridges. It can't really be made thicker. In smaller reefer units, thermal loss through the door can be 15-20% of the overall thermal load. This is because of the vast differences in thermal conductivity of the materials used in a door (Al: 200 W/mK, Plastics: 0.2 W/mK, PU Foam: 0.024 W/mK, Kevothermal™: 0.0036 W/mK). Published results show ~50% of heat transport is through thermal bridges. For a 2" rollup door, a reduction of 30-40% of total door heat flow is possible.

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