Controlled Temperature Packaging (CTP)

Controlled Temperature Packaging designers have to balance the ambient operating cycle against the mass of coolant, the volume of the final shipping solution, the amount of insulation, and the required duration. Very often a severe ambient challenge or the overall size and weight becomes a cost barrier for shipping, and this is often where the use of Vacuum Insulation Panels can provide a benefit.

The Advantage

  • Assembly labor is greatly reduced as compared to conventional vacuum insulation systems
  • Tough barrier film yields higher reliability, elimination of inner liner requirement
  • Outer structural film improves panel fit, reduces condensation, and provides abrasion protection
  • Easy to recycle/reuse
  • 1/2" thick has the thermal performance of 4" expanded polystyrene or 2.5" of polyurethane. 1" thick has the performance of 7" polystyrene or 4.5" of polyurethane
  • Improved thermal performance means: less chance of freezing, reduced gelpack/dry ice use, longer shipment duration, significantly smaller box size, lower freight costs
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